Platform & apps

BFA is a public blockchain, so anyone can use it. Organizations, companies, institutions, or individuals wishing to develop services and / or applications on the blockchain only have to accept the a use agreement, but they will not have to deploy sealer nodes.

BFA will take care of the infrastructure, while users will develop the applications.


There are different type of nodes in the network:

  • The sealer nodes form the central structure of the BFA network. They are the only ones that can add blocks to the chain, but they cannot send transactions to be included in those blocks. All of them are deployed by verified members of the organization.
  • The sealers are connected only to each other, and to the Gateway nodes, which act as a buffer, or a firewall, between them and the rest of the network.
  • Transactional nodes are those that can send transactions to the blockchain, which will then be processed by the sealer nodes. They are usually deployed by the users of the blockchain.
  • There are also read-only nodes that can "see" the blockchain, but can’t generate or seal transactions. Any user can run this type of node, without any kind of authorization.

Who can deploy the different kind of nodes

The parts of BFA can have sealer nodes, gateway nodes, boot-nodes, transactional nodes, archive nodes and read-only nodes. The users can have only transaccional nodes, archive nodes and read-only nodes.

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