What is BFA?

Blockchain Federal Argentina is an open and collaborative multi-service platform designed to integrate blockchain-based services and applications. It’s an ideal ecosystem for projects that seek a solid, transparent and reliable infrastructure, and a completely auditable initiative that functions as an empowering tool for the entire community.

A multistakeholder model

From the beginning, Blockchain Federal Argentina was conceived within a collaborative work space between different sectors, and aims to reproduce this model as the backbone of the platform.

Designed to be enhanced by the contributions of the Industry and Commerce sector, the Academy, the Civil Society, the National Government and Provincial Governments, BFA opts for a path where the participation of the entire community is essential, from the organizational engineering to the deployment of infrastructure.

Blockchain Federal Argentina maintains multi stakeholder structure that ensures the representation of all sectors in the decision-making process. But its use will not be restricted to the organizations that participate in the organization. BFA is a public platform and the entire community has open doors to participate.

Individuals, organizations, institutions or companies of any sector interested in deploying applications and services can take part in the initiative or start using BFA right now.

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